Chris Lawrence, trainee, online

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“I have just completed an online course with AGT and have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. As it was the first time I have participated in an online course I did not know what to expect. Sair Sanchez proved to be a superb instructor with his knowledge of the aircraft and also his enthusiasm to teach. He always managed to keep me interested in the subject. I would highly recommend any course Sair is the instructor on. Many thanks !”

Trainee attending an ERJ 170/190, online by Virtual Classroom and then practical training, in Denmark. Under EASA 147.

Giulio Massaro, trainee, Palermo (Italy)

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“I have a special thank you to you, because thanks to your professionalism skill and patience have helped me get through this course very difficult for me. Thanks I will not forget.”

Trainee attending the ATR 42/ 72 500 theory & practical training course under EASA 147.

Becaye BA, Managing Director, Atlantic Air Industries Maroc

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“We have been very pleased and surprised by the reactivity, flexibility, professionalism and competency levels of AGT. We would definitely recommend them to other MROs and are looking forward to build other tailored training programs matching our requirements.”

Managing director, Atlantic Air Industries Maroc (Morroco) concerning ATR 42 / 72 All series training, difference course from ATR 42 200 / 300 to ATR 42 400/ 500 – 72 212A and opposite, recurrent course on ATR 42 / 72 All series.

Paolo Zanet, Maintenance Manager, Mistral Air

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“A great experience that went beyond our expectations for the level of knowledge achieved, thanks to friendly relationship and high professionalism and competence of AGT staff. We’d be pleased to work with them again in the future.”

 Maintenance Manager at Mistral Air – attending the ATR 42/72 500 theory & practical training course under EASA 147.