Recurrent Training ATR 42-400/500/72-212A

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“Over the past few years, the pandemic changed our way of learning by moving face to face teaching to virtual teaching. Although this came with its advantages, it wasn’t favourable for most domains, especially Aviation.

The past few weeks spent at Aero Ground Training (AGT) have been very worthwhile. As the first batch of people to return to the classroom after the pandemic, it was great to get the opportunity to meet the instructors face to face; and have all our questions answered.

The course was well structured in order to refreshen our knowledge on most topics. The examples presented in class helped us understand potential real-life scenarios we will encounter and how to approach them. Furthermore, the course instructors encouraged our curiosity and were more than willing to answer our questions. Lastly, the practical sessions were very informative and left us equipped with the necessary hands-on skills to apply in our roles as Aviation Safety Inspectors at Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

We would like to thank Aero Ground Training (AGT) for the great experience these last few weeks have given us , and we look forward to returning for any future training.”


Theory on Face to Face – ATR 42-400/500/72-212A – Recurrent Training – April 2022 – AGT’s Office / Limoges, FRANCE – from Ghana CAA

Initial Type Training Boeing B787

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“I took online theoretical type training for the first time, but it was no different from the class, it was quite professionnal. It saddened us that there was only one month between theory and practice.

Apart from that, everything was very positive. Practical training, on the other hand, I can say objectively, was very productive.

Edwin is a professional teacher. And he has good connections on Bogota airport. We had a real practical training in detail on Avianca aircrafts comfortably.

Thank you again.”

Theory on SDL – Boeing B787-8/9/10 Dreamliner – Initial Type Training – June 2021 – Bogota – from Turkish Airlines



Initial Type Training EMB 135/145

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“Our team (Airline Technical Support) just finished the Embraer 135/145 online COVID-19-proof type training, which was given by a very professional team and enthusiastic Instructors with much experience, keep up the good work AGT !”

SDL – Embraer EMB135/145 – Initial Type Training – 1 month – November 2020 – The Netherlands

Initial Type Training ERJ 170/190

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“I have just completed an online course with AGT and have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. As it was the first time I have participated in an online course I did not know what to expect. Sair Sanchez proved to be a superb instructor with his knowledge of the aircraft and also his enthusiasm to teach. He always managed to keep me interested in the subject. I would highly recommend any course Sair is the instructor on. Many thanks !”

SDL – Embraer EMB170/190 – Initial Type Training – 1 month – July 2020 – Denmark


Initial Type Training ATR 42/72-500

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“I have a special thank you to you, because thanks to your professionalism skill and patience have helped me get through this course very difficult for me. Thanks I will not forget.”

Face to Face – ATR 42/72-500 – Initial Type Training – 1 month – October 2019 – Italy

Initial Type Training/Difference ATR All Series

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“We have been very pleased and surprised by the reactivity, flexibility, professionalism and competency levels of AGT. We would definitely recommend them to other MROs and are looking forward to build other tailored training programs matching our requirements.”

Face to Face – ATR All Series – Initial Type Training/Difference Course – 2 months – May 2016 – Morocco

Initial Type Training ATR 42/72-500

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“A great experience that went beyond our expectations for the level of knowledge achieved, thanks to friendly relationship and high professionalism and competence of AGT staff. We’d be pleased to work with them again in the future.”

Face to Face – ATR 42/72-500– Initial Type Training – 1 month – April 2017 – Italy