Laurent LEFRANÇOIS, Director of AGT – Aero Ground Training

“WIth a young team but already experienced, we are flexible. You are our priority. By choosing AGT, you choose the best value for money. 3 training packages, super Eco, Eco and Premium. Try once, you’ll come back again.”

Approval Certificates

Click to download the approval from French CAA and other foreign NCAA. (PDF file)

EASA 147

approved by OSAC

Nepale Approval

(2017 July)

Myanmar Approval

(2020 January)

Mongolian Approval

(2019 March)

Our vision about aviation training

AGT – Aero Ground Training is a French and independent company, established in 2014.

AGT HQ is located in France. We have more than 15 permanent approved instructors. We are international staff, 8 citizenships in the company.
Our internal trainings are conducted in English. To work in aviation nowadays, you MUST talk, read English. We do.

Our staff (sales, marketting, training, quality) have got international experiences. Our company culture is focus to you. You are our priority. 

In your premises: 90% of the courses are performed in the customer facilities.

3 training packages, from SUPER ECO to PREMIUM, we provide you what you are expecting.

No Virtual Aircraft in AGT, you do not work on virtual aircraft. Practical training is conducted on real aircraft.

Laurent Lefrancois

Accountable Manager
Training Manager
In the past, he was Mechanic, Engineer, Flight Engineer, Pilot, Instructor for pilots and engineers, Head of Maintenance Training.
And in 2014, he started adventure with Aero Ground Training S.A.S.

Olivier Peloso

Quality Manager
B2 Engineer in the French Navy for 20 years.
Head of CAMO for Dassault Rafale in Navy for 10 years.
In AGT as Deputy Quality Manager since 2014.
Quality Manager since SEP 2020.

Kire Todorovski

Examination Manager
Almost 30 years in maintenance aviation. From mechanics to engineer, to line maintenance manager to instructor, in AGT from 2017.
Examination Manager in 2019.

Hawk Huq

Project Manager

Hawk has been with AGT since October 2019 and is responsible for Business Development and Sales Management for AGT. A veteran in aviation business development, marketing and management, Hawk is also a proficient pilot and does hold a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management.

Hawk has many years of experience in Aviation Training Management for large and small companies alike. For your aviation training need or any other questions, he’ll be happy to answer you.


AGT – Aero Ground Training has formed multiple strategic partnerships designed to benefit a growing, global, and diverse aviation customer base. With agreement and arrangements with other industry leaders,we expand our level of assistance to the aviation community in quality and capability.