ATR 42/72 600 in Lisbon

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October 20th, 2019

Last day of ATR 42/72 600, practical training.

After 5.5 weeks, theoretical and practical training B1B2 Combined is completed in Portugalia’s facility.

Thanks to our customers for their trust and support.


 Next course on ATR 42/72 600 scheduled in AGT facility in January 2020 !

Giulio Massaro, trainee, Palermo (Italy)

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“I have a special thank you to you, because thanks to your professionalism skill and patience have helped me get through this course very difficult for me. Thanks I will not forget.”

Testimonial of a trainee who has attending an ATR 42/72-500 theory and practical course. Training conducted under EASA Part 147 Approval.