Exceptional Closure

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To participate in the collective effort to combat the COVID-19 epidemic that is currently affecting all of us, and in accordance with the directives of the French government,

Aero Ground Training ceases to carry on business temporarily,

but remains reachable by phone (+33 664 213 564) and e-mail.

This measure is effective from MARCH 17th until further notice.

We will follow with the greatest attention the evolution of the situation and will continue to strictly apply the recommendations of the French authorities,

in the respect of your safety.

Sightseeing in MYANMAR

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During the Initial Type Training on ATR-42-400/500-72-212A in Yangon, MYANMAR, AGT’s instructor took the opportunity to act like a tourist.

He visited the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in MYANMAR, the Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Great Dagon Pagoda and the Golden Pagoda.

The Pagoda sits a top of a hill and is 99 meters high (326 foot-tall). It can be seen from most places of Yangon, day and night, as the golden roof illuminates the city.

There is little wonder that the Shwedagon is referred to in Myanmar as “The Crown of Burma”.

According to some, the pagoda is 2 600 years old, making Shwedagon, the oldest pagoda in the world.