Since COVID-19 had modified our behaviors, AGT had been very reactive by amending our training process. You are our priority.


Do not confuse E-Learning with SDL (Synchronous Distance Learning).

E-learning : Training via network or electronic means, without the support of instructors (e-tutors).

Synchronous Distance Learning : Distance learning reflects training situations in which instructors and students are physically separated. It is synchronous if the teacher and the students interact at the same time (real time).


In AGT, we do not want E-learning device for the type training. In AGT, we keep in mind that when you have got the type training Certificate of Recognition, you have the type course on your licence and you have huge responsibilities related to safety of the aircraft. The training MUST be serious, comprehensive and interactive with our staff.

After testing several learning platforms, AGT has invested to a reliable, safe, and interactive training tool for our virtual classroom, called by EASA “Synchronous Distance Learning (SDL)”.


After passing audit by our Civil Aviation Authority during our first type course on Embraer 145, in April 2020, AGT is now officially approved to teach online course for theoretical training for the Level 1 and 2.

If you need official document, the letter of our Civil Aviation Authority is on the link.

OSAC-DOME – 2020 – 0291 – Distance learning approval – FR1470049

Then, lowest cost for you, as no accommodation and per diem are invoiced.



Pre requis: Trainee must have got a computer, with internet connexion, microphone and camera.


  • 2 days prior starting the course, our staff send you the link and password to get access to the virtual classroom.
  • The course will be conducted by approved instructor from AGT.
  • The number of trainees is limited to 15 people in the virtual classroom.
  • The number of training will be between 4 to 6 hours daily. The Syllabus can be 5 or 6 days a week according the the training agreement.
  • The instructor teaches the class, by Synchronous Distance Learning. It means the instructor can talk you, he can show schematics, he can zoom in/out schematics, highlight info, write on white board or schematics. You can ask whenever you want to the instructor as a real environment.


AGT uses application to confirm you have understand what he explained you. If result is not satisfactory, the instructor will explain one more time.

No exam will be conducted online.

After the virtual classroom, the Level 3 will be conducted face to face, then the exam phases then practical training.

As a couple of months can elapse between end of Distance Learning and Level 3 training , AGT can reschedule the syllabus to mix theory Level 3 and Practical and at the end Examination Phases. So, you have a full refresh before exam.

7 months after the first Synchronous Distance Learning in April 2020, AGT has conducted 13 theoretical trainings.

One of our trainees from Northern Europe dropped his comments about AGT ability to conduct Virtual Classroom (SDL).


Looking forward to meeting you soon!