Laurent LEFRANÇOIS, Director of AGT – Aero Ground Training

“Started in 2014, with experienced team members, we grow step by step. Safety of the team and quality of the trainings are my priorities. We are flexible to match your needs according to EASA rules. Synchronous Distance Learning (SDL) is a routine for our theoretical instructors. Practical training with real access to the tools, the maintenance manuals and aircraft is a MUST; a pre approval form is mandatory prior organizing the practical phase in your facilities. Since 2020, digitalization is engaged, the followings are supported for your trainings: Synchronous Distance Learning, E-learning platform and online examination phases through our examination’s webpage are already running and approved by French CAA.”

Déclaration d’activité enregistrée : N°53290986829 auprès du préfet de région BRETAGNE

Declaration of activity registered : N°53290986829 with the prefect of the region BRETAGNE

Approval Certificates

Click to download the approval certificates (PDF file).

EASA Part 147

issued by French Civil Aviation Authority

Certification QUALIOPI

Brunei DCA approval



Aero Ground Training is a French and independent Maintenance Training Organisation with international experience focus on type training courses foe
maintenance and engineering and Civil Aviation Authority and CAMO.
Approved to conduct theory level 3 via Synchronous Distance Learning for Theoretical Elements from APR.2020. AGT can also teach Level 1 and 2 via Bended
Learning. Contact us for more.
We have more than 10 approved instructors listed in our MTOE. We are international staff, 8 citizenships in the company. We have internal process to elevate our standard.
Our internal trainings are conducted in English.
Our staff (sales, marketing, training, quality) have got international experiences. Our company culture is focus to your needs.

Laurent Lefrancois

Examination Manager
Training Manager
In the past, he was Mechanic, Engineer, Flight Engineer, Pilot, Instructor for pilots and engineers, Head of Maintenance Training.
In 2014, he found a family business, Aero Ground Training S.A.S, with 2 team members. Now AGT teaches worldwide customers.
BASED IN : French Brittany, FRANCE

Olivier Peloso

Quality Manager
B2 Engineer in the French Navy for 20 years.
Head of CAMO for Dassault Rafale in Navy for 10 years.
In AGT as Deputy Quality Manager since 2014.
Quality Manager since SEP 2020. Hard worker, open mind, perfect person between the operation of AGT and the French CAA.
BASED IN : French Riviera, FRANCE


AGT – Aero Ground Training has formed multiple strategic partnerships designed to benefit a growing, global, and diverse aviation customer base.

With agreement and arrangements with other industry leaders,we expand our level of assistance to the aviation community in quality and capability.