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REFRESH – ATR 42-400/500/72-212A – Level 3 – Theoretical Phase
Recurrent Course : ATR 42/72 (including 500 & 600 Series) (PW 127 engine) Theoretical, all ATA chapters are Level 3. For more info, email Axelle,   GLOBAL PRICE : 440 € per seat PAY 20% at PRE-ORDER, the other 80% before starting.
This course is in compliance with EASA Part-66, Appendix III "Type Training". The participant will acquire knowledge necessary to perform and certify maintenance tasks permitted to be carried out as certifying staff of the specified category stated in the course title. It provides detailed description, operation, component location, removal/installation, BITE and troubleshooting procedures to a maintenance manual level. After completion of the training, electronic certificate of completion will be issued by AGT, FR.147.0049 approval Number.
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